Hi. I’m Karen. In early 2013 I moved from California to Singapore to marry Jeremy. He’s the East and I’m the West of the title, and this blog is about all the things we love. We love to cook and to travel so mostly we share our recipes and independent travel insights. We also share information about things to see and do in Singapore. At the moment I do all of the writing. Jeremy and I both take the photos.

Our Cooking Style

Before we were married, Jeremy and I both enjoyed cooking, but we had vastly different cooking repertoires. Jeremy liked to cook on the stove top and has always had the ability to throw something wonderful together out of whatever is in the fridge. Meanwhile, I was more comfortable putting things in the oven and cooking them slowly. I grew up eating a lot of beef, Italian-American and Tex-Mex and my cooking largely reflected that. Although some of the recipes here are ones we each brought with us to the marriage, others are adaptations we’ve put together since becoming an east-meets-west couple. We try to make recipes that we both will enjoy, despite growing up with very different palates. We’re currently enjoying trying to recreate some of our favorite dishes from our travels.

Our travel style

Our travel style is short-term, mid-range, couple trips. We are not on an extended tour of the region but take trips as time and budget permits. At the moment, we manage to go on two major trips a year, including one back to the U.S., plus several long weekend trips to regional destinations in Asia. We like to think we are slowly working our way through every country. We enjoy a little of everything: city, country, historical sites, temples and churches, cultural exchange, outdoor activities, shopping, and of course, trying the local cuisine. We are trying to see as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible.

We hope you’ll enjoy our website. We’d love to hear from you!



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